Mediation is an effective and amicable way to reach settlement of the legal issues arising from separation.  The mediator is a neutral professional who assists separated spouses in focusing on problem solving, making appropriate and reasonable compromises, and reaching settlements that meet their needs in ways unavailable in a courtroom.

While mediators are not required to be lawyers, having a lawyer as your mediator ensures that agreement you reach is within the acceptable range of options set out by the Divorce Act, Family Law Act, and any other pieces of legislation that may affect your settlement.

A lawyer, as the mediator, can also prepare a separation agreement in neutral language, and with all the formal requirements to be an effective and enforceable separation agreement.  You  still require legal advice from an independent lawyer; but the costs of preparing the document can be covered under the mediation agreement.

I am a mediator accredited by the Law Society of British Columbia.  I have ten years of family law mediation experience, having first taken my training in 2004.  I have helped many people reach comprehensive, amicable, and effective agreements in a cost effective way.  Please contact me if I can help you by mediating any of the following:

  1. Custody and parenting of children,
  2. Decision making for children,
  3. Child and spousal support,
  4. Postsecondary education for adult children,
  5. Budgeting and cashflow issues for families,
  6. Division of family property,
  7. Lawyer assisted mediation,
  8. Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, and
  9. Any other type of family law matters that you may have.

I have hourly and half day rates for mediation.  Please send me an email, and I will provide you with my rates and availability.

Watch for my mediation webpage in January 2015, which will have information on mediation, ways to prepare for mediation, and other materials of interest.