Susy Alexandre posted the biggest issues in Canadian Marriages:

  1. Lack of / poor communication
  2. Lack of romance
  3. Wedding hangover
  4. Having a hard time with imperfection
  5. Many stages to a marriage
  6. Giving in to those bad days
  7. Letting marriage get stale
  8. Loss of self
  9. Lack of long term intention and actions to show that your partner is a priority

These are all lovely issues, but I think the main issue is missing.

The largest issue that causes separation is not having a common and agreed upon idea of family finances.  In other words – money.  How money should be used, saved, spent, invested, and shared should be a discussion that partners have prior to marriage, when they are married, and continuing on through the marriage.  Spouses who ignore their incompatible financial views may end up talking about them with lawyers involved.