What Happens at a Judicial Case Conferences?

“JCC” stands for Judicial Case Conference. The Rules of the BC Supreme Court requires a JCC be held at the start of any family law action.

A JCC is a private, informal hearing with a Judge to discuss the issues, problems and possible solutions facing a separating couple. The meeting typically is for one hour. The goal of a JCC is to reach an agreement on as many issues as possible. The remaining problems are then arranged for trial.

What can you expect from a JCC?

The Judge will ask you questions about your position on the legal issues that are before the court. You can expect to discuss your reasoning for the issues and how you are able to compromise to reach a settlement.

The outcome of the JCC will depend on the issues and the cooperation of the participants. Some JCC’s will result in a referral to mediation. A JCC is only one hour; if the parties are making progress, a private mediation may result in a full settlement.

The Judge at the JCC may require the parties to exchange financial information, attend a parenting course, or schedule dates for an application or trial.

A JCC is an opportunity to gain the wisdom of the Judge’s approach to your problems without taking the risk of an application or a trial. JCC’s can promote settlement for even the most difficult of issues. They are an opportunity to settle and should be approached seriously.

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