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What type of Agreement do you need? Cohabitation Agreements to Separation Agreements

By on February 15, 2014 | Divorce, Marriage, Uncategorized

Cohabitation Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, Postnuptial Agreement, Marriage Agreement and Separation Agreement.  They are all legal documents between two individuals who are living together, whether they are married or not. How are they different?  Not by much.  In essence the difference is in terms of timing – when the agreement is signed. A Cohabitation Agreement is […]

What is a Section 7 Expense

By on February 15, 2014 | Child Support, Divorce, Uncategorized

Child Support is mandated by the Divorce Act, and your Province’s local legislation dealing with family law issues.  This would include the Family Law Act in British Columbia, and the Family Law Act in Alberta.  These Acts refer to the Child Support Guidelines. A Section 7 expense is found in the Child Support Guidelines, and […]

17 Things to know about BC’s New Family Law Act

By on October 14, 2013 | Child Support, Divorce, Marriage, Uncategorized

Here are some of the new provisions of the Family Law Act that I think are important to know if you live in BC.  The relevant section numbers of the Family Law Act are in brackets: Out of court settlement processes are encouraged (Division 1).  These include mediation, arbitration, collaborative family law, and parenting coordination […]

Timing and Process for Divorce Applications

By on August 23, 2013 | Divorce, Uncategorized

Alberta and British Columbia both permit an application for a divorce judgment without the requirement of a court appearance.  In Alberta, these applications are referred to as “Desk Divorce Applications” and in British Columbia they are referred to as “Desk Order Divorce Applications”. Both applications require the preparation of several court documents, consent of both […]

What are Trust Conditions and Undertakings?

By on May 31, 2013 | Divorce, Marriage, Uncategorized

Trust conditions and undertakings are what lawyers use to ensure that certain events take place when these events affect their client’s settlement.  For example, if a separating couple agrees to transfer a home from one spouse to the other spouse in exchange for a settlement payment, trust conditions and undertakings are used to ensure that […]



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