When should you seek a divorce lawyer?

It should be the first thing you do if you are separating from your spouse.

The biggest mistake I see people make is to delay or avoid seeing a divorce lawyer.  Usually it is a fear of cost, and sometimes it is a belief that lawyers will make things worse.  Both of these fears are usually inaccurate, and are promoted by non-lawyer resources, who often are seeking to benefit from divorcing couples themselves.

When you see a lawyer first:

  1. You hear about the law and how it applies to you personally,
  2. You have popular myths dispelled, and avoid making assumptions about what you can and cannot do,
  3. You understand what a reasonable settlement looks like, and what demands may be unreasonable, and
  4. You get advice on what processes are available to help you get to settlement.

Internet resources for divorce can be dated or based on the laws of a different provinces.  A meeting with a lawyer can give you practical advice on what steps to take right away to protect yourself, and how to pursue your settlement right from the start.  A single meeting with a lawyer can save you from making a costly mistake during your settlement negotiations, and help you get the settlement you are entitled to.

Our office offers no obligation initial assessments, which have helped hundreds of people make the right choices during their settlement.  Before you make any decisions about your separation, contact us today.