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Termination of Parental Rights in Alberta: What You Need to Know

By on January 20, 2022 | Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law, Parental Rights

Every parent has both obligations and rights concerning their children. For instance, they must care for their children’s needs, such as providing food, housing, clothing, education, medical care, and so on. They also have a right to maintain frequent contact with their children. These rights and obligations continue even after a marriage dissolves but are…   Continue Reading »

What are Section 7 Child Support Expenses in Alberta?

By on October 25, 2021 | Child Support, Section 7

Child support expenses that are payable over and above the monthly base amount is a topic that is covered in both Section 7 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Alberta Child Support Guidelines. Such payments are usually paid by one parent to the other parent to cover the special or “extraordinary” expenses incurred…   Continue Reading »

What is a JCC?

By on February 22, 2019 | All, Child Support, Divorce, Family Law

What Happens at a Judicial Case Conferences? “JCC” stands for Judicial Case Conference. The Rules of the BC Supreme Court requires a JCC be held at the start of any family law action. A JCC is a private, informal hearing with a Judge to discuss the issues, problems and possible solutions facing a separating couple….   Continue Reading »

Child Support Calculated Using Real Income in Calgary

By on April 13, 2018 | Child Support

How is Annual Income Calculated for Child Support? It is easy to look at an Income Tax Return from the previous calendar year to see what ‘Total Income’ is reported.  A common mistake is to simply take the Total Income, found at Line 150 of the Income Tax Return, and then apply it to the…   Continue Reading »

Top 10 Ways to Sabotage your Amicable, Respectful, and Cost Effective Separation

By on January 30, 2015 | Child Support, Divorce, Uncategorized

Here is a tongue in cheek review of the top ten ways to make sure your separation is destructive and expensive.  All of these can be avoided. 1.  Threaten your spouse.  With anything – violence, taking the kids away, cutting your spouse off from the finances, selling assets, going to court.  The natural response to […]



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