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Jennings Family Law excels in representing clients across various legal forums, including the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, the Alberta Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our experienced family lawyers are adept in private dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration. With a proven track record, we consistently deliver quality representation in diverse family law disputes. No matter the complexity of your family law issue, trust Jennings Family Law to provide expert and tailored legal solutions.

What is Family Law?

Explore the wide spectrum of family law issues with Jennings Family Law, encompassing challenges that arise during spousal separation, whether in marriage or common-law relationships. Our expertise covers vital matters, including parenting (custody and access) of children, child support, spousal or partner support, and the equitable division of property and debts. Additionally, Jennings Family Law extends its proficient services to encompass:

Trust Jennings Family Law for comprehensive and skilled legal assistance in navigating the complexities of family law.

How Do Family Lawyers Help?

Learn how Jennings Family Law navigates separation complexities with personalized legal solutions. Whether negotiating a separation agreement through skilled lawyers, direct party involvement, Collaborative Law, or private mediation, we provide versatile options to suit diverse circumstances. If challenges persist, our experienced team is adept at navigating the Courts or utilizing arbitration, ensuring effective resolution tailored to your unique situation. Jennings Family Law is your trusted partner in finding the best legal avenues for your separation needs.

Do I need a family lawyer?

Are you curious if you need a family lawyer? When contemplating separation or already separated from your spouse or the parent of your children, consulting a family lawyer is vital to protect both your rights and the ability to move forward with your life. At Jennings Family Law, we provide insights into the implications of your decisions, while helping you understand your rights and obligations.

Our experienced family lawyers offer crucial advice on matters such as custody, divorce, and other aspects of your situation. Whether co-owning businesses or facing unique challenges, Jennings Family Law brings expertise to diverse scenarios. Choose a family lawyer based on qualities like competence, compatibility, and availability. Trust Jennings Family Law for reliable guidance through your family legal needs.

Family Law Practice Areas

Initial Consultation & Assessment

Our most valuable service. The first meeting with a Jennings Family Law attorney provides you with an initial assessment and recommendations. This is an opportunity to understand the laws surrounding your circumstances, what options are available to move you forward, and a first idea of your legal entitlements.


A divorce is a court order that terminates a marriage. Specific legal requirements must be addressed to ensure a successful divorce application, especially if there are minor children of the marriage. A divorce is a change to your legal status that affects your legal rights and entitlements. Consult a JFL lawyer to understand how a divorce will affect you and your future.

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Divorce Mediation

We have been mediating since 2005. We will help you reach a settlement, avoid conflict, keeps the family resources in the family, and satisfy legal requirements. Our clients are prepared for mediation and effectively negotiate their settlement. Mediation is a preferred method of dispute resolution for the lawyers at JFL, as it is typically faster, less expensive, and more creative than a standard court process.

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Divorce Arbitration

An individual third party is given authority to decide issues in dispute. Arbitration can be combined with mediation. Unlike court, arbitration processes can be modeled to meet the needs of the participants and fit the family’s resources. More formal than mediation, arbitration is a process that will end with a final result that is binding on the participants.

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Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a legal contract. It formalizes an agreement reached by the clients on the division of their property, spousal support, child support and parenting schedule for their children. If done properly, a separation agreement provides financial clarity and certainty. We will help you avoid the common pitfalls that make separation agreements unenforceable.

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Prenuptial & Marriage Agreements

These agreements are for couples contemplating marriage, or who are already married. They substitute the law with agreed upon rules. Prenuptial and marriage agreements are sophisticated legal documents that should be formalized with the assistance of your lawyer.

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Parenting Planning

The impact of separation on children can be minimized by informed parents, reasonable decisions, and compromises based on what is best for the children. We prioritize keeping the focus on where it belongs – your children – by promoting processes that minimize conflict and create solutions tailored for each family. We help you with public and private resources that encourage collaborative parenting.

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Child Support

Child support is determined by the incomes of the parents and the living arrangements of the children. There are two components to child support. A monthly payment that is calculated by Child Support Guidelines. Special and extraordinary expenses, aka Section 7 expenses, are additional costs for children that are not covered by the monthly payments and are shared proportionately to the parent’s incomes. Determining income for child support can be more complicated than it first appears and should only be agreed to after the proper exchange of financial information. We help you obtain the information you need to calculate the correct amount of child support.

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Spousal Support

Often called alimony, this payment is to compensate one spouse for a sacrifice made during the relationship or to assist the spouse in meeting his or her needs. Spousal support is not a simple mathematical formula. There is a trend to oversimplify this issue by over-reliance on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines without understanding how these guidelines work or the legal framework for the payments. We help you understand the purpose of spousal support, the legal basis for an entitlement or obligation, and the various options available to all separating couples to resolve his issue.

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Cohabitation Agreements

Each province treats common-law spouses differently. Cohabitation agreements substitute these laws for rules that are agreed upon by a couple. These agreements largely focus on how property acquired during the period of cohabitation is shared if the relationship ends. Cohabitation agreements are for people who want to control their own finances, are considering entering a relationship later in life, and who have obligations to children from a previous relationship.

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Wills & Estates Planning

Estate documents are important for everyone. You should update your will and other estate documents if you separate from your spouse, or anytime there is a change to your circumstances. Check your will annually – when you file your taxes, for example – to make sure that it continues to meet your needs.

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Property Division

The end of a relationship requires the division of assets and liabilities. In general, family property is shared equally, but there are exceptions. Complicated and sophisticated assets, such as privately held corporations and family trusts, require careful analysis to properly assess their value and the effect of the proposed division. We help identify family property, assess its value, and determine the best way to divide it considering tax, liquidity and other circumstances specific to you.

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Fee Schedule

  • Uncontested Divorce Application$2,000

    Includes filing fees. With children: $2500

  • Separation Agreements$2000

    With children: Add $500
    Complicated or sophisticated income or property division quoted on an individual basis.

  • Cohabitation Agreement$3000
  • Prenuptial Agreement$3000
  • Disclosure Compilation$500
  • Income Analysis & Child Support Calculation$250

    For corporate income, trust income, or complicated income: Add $500
    For spousal support calculation: Add $150

  • Second Opinion

    To be quoted after meeting with the client

  • Basic Will

    To be quoted after meeting with the client

  • Hourly Rate Services

    Each lawyer has an hourly rate for work that does not fit a flat fee project

  • All fees are subject to applicable taxes.
    Flat fees may not be available for all situations and will be confirmed at an initial consultation.

    Self-Representation and Non-Legal Divorce Solutions

    Not everyone wants a lawyer to represent them. But everyone needs independent legal advice for their family law matters. Jennings Family Law lawyers work with people who represent themselves, or who only want the benefit of legal advice without representation – as legal consultants.


    Self Represetation
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