Warren S Jennings

Calgary: 403.264.9480
Duncan: 250.818.6700

Warren helps clients find solutions to their family law problems. Since 2002, Warren’s practice focuses on helping clients make practical, informed and cost-effective decisions.

Warren’s clients get the information they need to make informed decisions on their current situation and the help they need to consider the long-term effects of these decisions. Smart decision making maintains relationships with kids, reduces conflict, and keeps family assets in the family. Warren considers issues that are often missed or misunderstood, including effect of long term relationships, tax, corporate assets and family trusts, asset mix, cash flow and the cost/benefit of court versus a negotiated settlement. Too often people choose a litigation path without understanding the process, steps or costs involved in litigation. Warren provides the details for clients to understand what they are getting into when they choose court, and what other creative options are available to them.

Warren is happy working with clients who want to ‘do it themselves’, as well as those who prefer assistance from start to finish. He enjoys discrete and cost-effective legal solutions through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Warren has successfully negotiated settlements for clients whose assets exceed $80 million, as well as settlements that span multiple jurisdictions including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Montana and California.

Warren was one of the first family lawyers in Calgary to offer flat rate billing in 2004. He is the author of the legal contract that is now the basis of separation agreements widely in use throughout Alberta.

Warren was called to the Alberta Bar in 2002 and the British Columbia Bar in 2009. He has appeared before the Alberta Provincial Court, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, the Alberta Court of Appeal, the Provincial Court of British Columbia, and the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Warren now focuses on helping clients through negotiations, mediation, arbitration, practical legal advice, and strategic decision making. Warren founded Jennings Family Law in 2015 to focus on providing smart and practical solutions for clients facing family law issues.

The author of many papers, articles and blogs, Warren has presented papers to his peers at the Alberta Law Conference, National Family Law Conferences, and the Family Law Lake Louise Refresher Course. He provides seminars for businesses and institutions for both family law and estate law, and has assisted non-lawyer mediation firms to provide solutions that survive the clients obtaining legal advice.

Warren practices in Calgary, Alberta, Duncan, British Columbia, Victoria, British Columbia, and surrounding areas.



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