Family Law Self Representation

Not everyone wants a lawyer to represent them.  But everyone needs independent legal advice for their family law matters.  Jennings Family Law lawyers work with people who represent themselves, or who only want the benefit of legal advice without representation.

We will tailor our work to fit the role you need from us.  We provide the following services:

  • Preparation for mediation, arbitration and court
  • Analysis of legal positions for mediation, arbitration and court
  • Document preparation – applications, affidavits, and briefs
  • Independent legal advice for separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements.

Lawyers at Jennings Family Law work with individuals who prefer non-legal dispute mediation and negotiation service.  Our involvement can be known or confidential. With our help clients can use a non-legal mediation and negotiation service confidently.  They will know their legal entitlements are being met, reasonable outcomes are reached, and their agreement is finalized with certainty. We recommend an early consultation for clients using non-legal dispute mediation and negotiation services.  This ensures all decisions made are with an understanding of the client’s options available through the legal process.



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