Complex & High Net Worth Divorces in Calgary

A complex divorce, or high net worth divorces, deals with family businesses, professional practices, large estates and valuation issues.  These cases have multiple layers, interconnected issues and more challenges for both spouses.  Tax consequences are important considerations in these types of situations and play a large role in solving the complex divorce.

Complex divorces require sophisticated legal knowledge and experience.  This is especially true when elements of your divorce include:

  • Family trusts,
  • Family businesses and corporations,
  • Professional practices,
  • Financial holdings that require forensic review,
  • Assessment of valuation of assets and debts, especially when an expert appraiser is required,
  • Intangible property such as intellectual property,
  • Assets held in other provinces or jurisdictions,
  • Large estates where income is driven by assets, and
  • Where there is significant overlap between the division of property and the issue of spousal support.

Complex divorces involve more than dividing jointly held property and calculating a settlement payment.  You need to have specific information and advice to make an informed decision.  You need a lawyer who has the experience to know the issues and what questions to ask.

JFL lawyers have years of experience with complex divorces.  We have settled large marital estates and valued family trusts.  We have resolved disputes over professional practices and privately held family businesses.

Spouses with a complex divorce often have concerns over privacy.  We practice discrete family law.  You will have everything you need to make a proper and informed decision often without needing to consider ‘going to court’.  We keep you informed on all steps taken and provide clarity on the complex issues that need solving.  We will simplify your complex divorce.

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