When it comes to dividing family property, everything acquired during a marriage is subject to division.  This includes vehicles, pension plans, furniture … and hockey tickets.

Season tickets for a professional hockey team, or any sport team, are sharable property.  If one person wants to keep the tickets and the other does not, then often a value will be assigned to the tickets.  But what happens when both spouses are fans, and want the tickets?

An Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Judge faced this issue recently, and ruled that the tickets were to be shared equally.  The judgment: the parties alternated selecting game tickets, so that the parties picked and received the same number of games during the regular season.

Playoffs – same thing, but the spouse who picked first in the regular season picked second for the playoff games.

Fortunately, the judge did not require the parties to each receive one ticket to each game, making them sit beside each other for forty plus games.